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How do we  support pupils when starting school?

Cylch Meithrin Penllwyn

We have a very close relationship with Cylch Meithrin Penllwyn who are located in a cabin on the school grounds. They provide education and care before school age. Please see their contact information through following this link. PENLLWYN - Meithrin

Children who attend the cylch get the experience of the school staff visiting them regularly, joint activities such as school eisteddfod, sports and the occasional visit. Moving up to the reception class is therefore a natural step for those who attend the cylch.

On transition to school we will hold progress talks with the cylch staff in order to get an idea of ​​a childs needs. We will also plan transfer meetings for pupils with disabilities or additional Learning needs.

Transition days

During the term a child turns 4 there will be an opportunity for learners to come for two whole days to experience a school day before they start school the following term. An open evening is also organized for parents to come and meet the teacher, and ask any questions they may have.


How are pupils supported to transfer to secondary school?

On reaching your child's last year at primary school, an agreed programme of activities is agreed annually with all schools in the cluster that feed Ysgol Penweddig and Ysgol Penglais. This programme is designed to support pupils in familiarising with the secondary school of their choice, and to address any worries they may have. 

As we work closely between Penrhyn-coch school and Penllwyn school, pupils already recognize a few familiar faces when undertaking the next step in their education. You as a family will need to make your final choice of which school you would like your child to attend by around October. If you would like any input regarding your decision you are welcome to come and discuss with the class teacher or the headteacher. Also look out for advertisements for open nights for Penweddig and Penglais during the Autumn term.

In November you will have the opportunity to apply for school transport to secondary school if your child uses a school bus.

Ysgol Penweddig specifically offers language refresher courses for pupils who would benefit from a boost with the Welsh language. These are organized in the Summer term.

Pupils also benefit from:

  • open days, usually in the Summer term, where pupils catch the bus to secondary school and spend the day at the school they will start at in September.
  • a visit by the head of year 7 to the pupils in their primary school and an opportunity to ask questions.
  • transfer conversations between primary and secondary staff to ensure that your child's needs are met take place in the summer term. There is a possibility of organising additional activities for pupils with Additional Learning Needs in order to ensure a smooth transition to secondary school.
Music Service

In the Summer term all pupils will have the opportunity to participate in the Ceredigion Choir and some, by invitation, in the Ceredigion Orchestra. This will include practice sessions and a final performance as part of 'Primary Proms' at the arts centre. All Year 6 pupils from Ceredigion will come together for the occasion, so it's a good opportunity for pupils to meet pupils from other schools who will be classmates in secondary school.

If you would like any further information regarding the next step in your child's education, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


At the end of year 6 the school organises a farewell assembly for Year 6 pupils, parents will be invited to join us closer to the time. Some years parents organise activities outside school hours for year 6 pupils such as a meal, ten bowling, special T-shirts with pupils' names on them etc. This is usually something parents organise amongst themselves.