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Teaching and Assessment

The purpose of assessment is to support the progress of all learners. Assessment is the process of finding out where the learners are on their Learning journey, identifying their next steps, before planning and implementing. Staff choose teaching strategies and methods effectively in order to guide pupils' progress. This includes identifying whether there are Additional Learning Needs that require Additional Learning Provision in accordance with the Additional Learning Needs Code.

12 principles of pedagogy

We beleive that pupils should lead aspects of their own learning, constantly making informed choices about what they learn, and how. During their time at school, we support pupils to take increasing responsibility for their own learning, developing their ability to identify their next steps independently. This gives them ownership of their school and everything that happens in it. Teachers will:

  • maintain a constant focus on the general purposes of the curriculum
  • encourages pupils to take increasing responsibility for their own learning
  • support social and emotional development and positive relationships
  • encourage collaboration
  • challenge all pupils by encouraging them to recognize the importance of sustained effort in
  • meeting expectations which are high but which they can achieve
  • use a combination of methods, including those that promote problem solving, creative and
  • critical thinking
  • set tasks and chooses resources that build on previous knowledge and experience and generate interest
  • create real contexts for learning
  • use the principles of assessment for learning
  • regularly reinforce cross-curricular opportunities, including literacy, numeracy and digital competence, and provides opportunities for pupils to practice them
  • Assessment arrangements and ensuring the progress of each pupil

Assessment will take place as an intrinsic part of learning and teaching on a day to day basis.

As part of the Education (Arrangements for Assessment in the CGI) Regulations 2022, we will ensure that we:

  • Make arrangements for continuous assessment of each pupil and child throughout the school year by a practitioner;
  • Make arrangements for assessing pupils over time e.g. upon entry, and carry out those assessments for each child/pupil at specific times;
  • Working within the school and with other schools to develop a common understanding of progress and planning for the transition of learners between schools;
  • Provide information to parents and carers so they understand the progress their child is making.

See our assessment arrangements and feedback policy.